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Jade bangle shopping in Jadebuddhashop ,  one of the best on-line jade bangle stores, provides very best selection of high quality jadeite jade at remarkably competitive prices. We deal with all natural jade only. Such as Jade Bangle, Jade Guanyins,Jade buddhas, Jade Bracelets,Jade Necklaces ...

We locate in jie yang yang mei yu du of China, where is the biggest wholesale and retail market place of jade bangle. As the best on-line seller of jade in China, we are committed to providing fine quality jade bangle in reasonable and affordable prices.

Real Natural Jade Bangle Grade A Quality Guaranteed
All jade from Jadebuddhashop are real natural grade A jade. No teated,dyed or faked jade jewelry can be found from Jadebuddhashop. We provide government certificate for all of our jade bangle and support any reinspection from your local test office. We will bear 10 times compensation if any jade from us is not real natural grade A jade .There are lots of not grade A jade bangle in the market which make people don't know how to identify whether the jade they get are real natural grade A jade. The easiest way is require government certificate when you buy jade. Reputable jade shop will provide government certificate to you directly to prove their jade quality. 

Be Caution:
1,Never believe one very charming and precious jade bangle sell very low price.One very clean own full green color
jade bangles sell below 100 USD do you believe that?
2,Do be careful when you choose green color jade because many dyed color is green color which is the most valuable color for jade. Full green with very clean texture that kind jade bangle so its price is very high.

Please don't worry about the customs question, we have shipped so many packages to Suitzerland and all of them are sake .
we will take following steps to ensure the sake shipping:
1. we'll pack your parcel very very perfect;
2. we'll value about 20USD for package;
3. we'll put your package as "gift for my friend" instead of "it's order";
in the about steps is very important for shipping to avoid customs eyes. more questions would be appreciated.

Also , carefulness package assure shipping have not problems and very perfection

Provide package Box and set supervisor Chinese Certificate of A quality,see detail: Jade Boxes/certification

We can accept the payment: Paypal , Western UnionTelegraphic Transfer

If you want know our jade market of Yangmei Yudu,please visit our: blog

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